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And Now For Something Totally Different

Now that the summer season is already behind us, many vacationers turn their attention to the fall season with exciting activities such as golf and a lot of local events taking place. For many, this is the season to discover Myrtle Beach’s hidden gems when it comes to dining. These unusually-themed Myrtle Beach restaurants serve some quality food in wonderful settings as well. If you are planning your Myrtle Beach vacation around this time, it is wise to spend some time to discover some of these hidden gems in the area.

While it is great to highlight some of the Myrtle Beach’s lesser-known restaurants and attractions, we’ve compiled a list of the favorites so you can see what makes them truly worth your valuable vacation time. Here are our suggestions:

1. The Brentwood Restaurant

Brentwood Restaurant in Little River is one of the most popular eateries in the area, thanks to their delicious combination of low-country cooking and French Bistro choices. Along with its multi-course dishes, this restaurant also provides frequent wine dinners. Head Chef Eric Masson also gives you a chance to learn from him through their special cooking classes. However, the hidden gem about the Brentwood restaurant is that it is considered to be a source of supernatural events. The waitstaff have long reported supernatural sightings of atypical figures, items and voices, and the events have even been featured in different TV documentaries on supernatural activities.

2. International Cafe

This special dining place is a local’s favorite in Myrtle Beach. If you have stayed here for a few days or have been to the area before, then chances are your have already heard of the so-called International Café. The restaurant is located in the middle of North Myrtle Beach, a stone’s throw away from virtually everything around the area. International Cafe offers over 40 different sandwiches plus a variety of beers from various parts of the world and a huge selection of flavorsome appetizers. The waitstaff is second to none and you are assured of making a new friend at this café.

3. Bimini’s Oyster Bar & Seafood Café

Aside from the buffets and the more striking dining places along Restaurants Row, you will find this old-time restaurant and bar, which oozes loads of charm. The laid-back setting of this island-style joint is ideal for a no-nonsense dinner comprising of fresh seafood and discounted drinks with live entertainment. Apart from cheap drinks, you will also find discounted oysters, mussels and clams during the Happy Hour, which runs from 4 to 6 pm every day.

4. Roz’s Rice Mill Cafe

This café is located at the Hammock Shops Village, which plays host to up to 20 specialty shopping outlets where you can discover a lot of hidden gems after grabbing a bite at this elegant dining place.

5. Coccadotts Cake Shop

This gourmet cake shop was opened recently in the new Sayebrook Town Plaza, a walking distance from the junction of S.C. 544 and U.S. 17 Bypass. Operated by a team of New York based pastry chefs, this bakery has even been featured by the Food Network, displaying their delicious products. Their unique cupcakes have a range of enticing flavors, including sweet potato, bacon, cookie dough, chicken wings, and even beer barrels.

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