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How Do Myrtle Beach Restaurants Stack Up?

Dining is an essential part of any vacation, and you will find that Myrtle Beach provides vacationers with a better selection of world-class restaurants than other destinations. With over 2,000 restaurants for you to choose from, there is a dining place to meet your needs and budget. Most of these Myrtle Beach restaurants give you an opportunity to dine in a great setting. Many of these restaurants have decks overlooking the beautiful Atlantic Ocean, while others have a series of windows to enhance the view. Here are some important factors that make Myrtle Beach Restaurants really stand out above the rest:

1. Location

The key to any vacation may be location. Lots of Myrtle Beach vacationers say that they are always happy to take their vacation here no matter where they stay because the main facilities and restaurants are always nearby. Myrtle Beach is home to the Market Common, Broadway at the Beach, the Boardwalk and other major tourist attractions. Many repeat vacationers are loyal fans of Myrtle Beach with its many restaurants and family appeal. As you tour Myrtle Beach, you will have many favorite dining places in mind. If you are a first-timer, you can rest assured that you won’t be disappointed because there are so many restaurants that offer great services at a location near you. Many Myrtle Beach restaurants are located at the seaside, but if you are looking to stay away from the waters, you can find a wide selection of great restaurants near Barefoot Landing or Broadway or even the Market Common on the southern end of town.

2. Healthier options

For one reason or another, vacations have long been associated with unhealthy food choices. Perhaps it’s the convenience of getting a quick bite to go, or maybe it is the vacation mindset that you have to spoil yourself. Unlike many other vacation destinations, this mentality is changing in the Myrtle Beach area where the natural food trend is taking center stage. Restaurants are appreciating the fact that many visitors are looking to maintain their healthy diets and now offer many healthy alternatives on their menus. Myrtle Beach is uniquely positioned to offer such restaurants. The availability of fresh seafood and other products in the area makes Myrtle Beach the perfect places to get healthier food alternatives. Some of the top places to get a delicious yet healthy meal include, but not limited to:

  • Margaritaville (at Heroes Harbor in the Myrtle Beach’s Broadway at the Beach
  • Green Grubbin’ (in downtown Myrtle Beach)
  • Black Thai Cafe (in downtown Myrtle Beach)
  • Bay Naturals (at Ocean Reef)

3. Good Food

Of course, quality food is one of the main factors in your restaurant decision, and you will find plenty of excellent establishments with good food. For instance, Original Benjamin’s Seafood Buffet has all the kids’ favorites, along with a wide variety for the adults. If you are looking for quality food at a cheap price, check out places like Hamburger Joe’s and Ella’s of Calabash. For those looking for a more elegant dining experience without breaking the bank, places like Villa Romano and Carolina Roadhouse are ideal for a great night out for the whole family or romantic night for couples.

4. Variety for the Whole Family

Whether you are looking for a quick bite or a full meal, you will always find something to suit your tastes and preferences at one of the many incredible dining places in the Myrtle Beach area. Myrtle Beach eateries are designed to meet any tastes, so you can find an excellent steakhouse, ice-cream shop or even fine dining establishments to suit the needs of the whole family. In addition, Myrtle Beach has hundreds of amazing ethnic eateries with impressive cuisines ranging from German, Asian, Italian and Mexican to exotic meals, including amazing Jamaican, Ethiopian, Indian and Thai dishes. And you don’t want to end your vacation without sampling some of our trademark seafood! From the famous calabash style seafood to The Catch of the Day, shrimp and oysters, the Myrtle Beach area has it all.

5. Great Dining Atmosphere

When visiting a restaurant in Myrtle Beach, you want to be treated to not just good food, but also excellent dining atmosphere. Overall, Myrtle Beach restaurants strive to create a great dining experience for visitors. From fine dining and oceanfront to casual and romantic restaurant atmosphere, you will find it all in dining establishments here.

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